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About Us







 About VIS USA 

  Our Business Philosophy

   At VIS USA we realize that the success of our company will ultimately rest upon our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers, our associates and the community of which we are a part.

Aware of this challenge, we will always strive to promote the welfare and growth of our fellow associates, and to provide the finest in products and services for our customers.


  Our Mission

   To be your \'Supplier of Choice\' through product and service excellence.


  Our Focus

eye While our company has evolved over the years, our focus has never wavered.  

VIS USA deliberately limits its activities to industrial belting and belting related products and services.  By staying focused, we believe we can be a better and more competent business partner for you.


  Our Commitment to Excellence

       VIS USA is committed to a working environment that fosters creative expression and encourages excellence in individual performance.

Together we will work to continuously improve everything we do.  Our quality, service and products will be recognized as the visible outcome of our commitment to excellence.


  Our Customers

         VIS USA extensively supports independent distributors, nationally and internationally.

We also work closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers where our engineering expertise and imaginative design ideas lead to innovative and successful solutions.


  Our Markets

Belts from VIS USA are an integral part of diverse mechanical equipment and machinery on which any kind of raw materials, by-products and finished goods are moved or processed.  Among others, our belts are used in the paper, printing, postal, packaging, textile, wood, metal, wire, food and material handling industry.


  Our Name

\'vis\' is a Latin word for Power and refers in the dictionary to Physical as well as Mind power.  In our company name, VIS represents the aspect of mechanical power transmission, as well as the element of innovative thinking within all areas of our operation.


 Our Location



VIS USA is located at the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains in the Tri-City area of Eastern Tennessee.


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