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Click on the titles or pictures below for more information about each product group.



Flat Power Transmission Belts


VIS flat power transmission belts are made with high grade oriented nylon cores of different strength classes and are offered with a variety of cover combinations:

- rubber / fabric - leather / fabric
- rubber / rubber - leather / leather

Our belts feature proprietary rubber materials with unique performance characteristics, and for our leather belts we use only high density chrome and vegetable re-tanned leather for superior performance. 


Processing Belts

     This product group includes folder gluer belts, feeder belts, tube winder belts, stamping belts, belts for the card board and extrusion industry, as well as many other belt styles that play a part in the manufacturing process of a specific product. Just as is the case with machine tapes below, there is a variety of surface structures and strength classes available.

Machine Tapes

Machine tapes are predominantly found in the graphics industry, on mail handling, paper converting and other equipment.  The strength members consist of fabric layers or thinly extruded and oriented nylon foils.  There might be no cover needed at all for some applications, while others require rubber/rubber, rubber/fabric or special impregnated fabric/fabric cover combinations for maximum performance.  VISiUSA offers them all, and our tapes are running successfully on many kinds paper related machinery. 



Conveyor Belts

       We also offer a large variety of conveyor belts that include PVC and Polyurethane covered monofilament style belting, Rubber covered conveyor belts, and products with impregnated fabric surfaces for low friction purpose.  Many of our belts conform to FDA standards and are suitable for food applications.



Belting Tools

We are proud of our full line of high quality belt fabrication tools that we offer at very attractive pricing.  These tools have been designed by belting experts with years of experience, and the assortment includes slitters, belt splitters, finger-punching tools, skivers, hand-held  belt presses for nylon core belts, water-cooled presses for thermoplastic belting, as well as many other useful tools.  



In addition to our standard product assortment listed here, VIS USA has made many specialty products.  If you have a need for a belting product or fabrication tool that you can't find within these pages, we might be able to special manufacture it for you.  Feel free to drop us an e-mail, fax or call us with your  inquiry; we are happy to assist you in obtaining the right product - even if it is not VIS USA who will supply it to you.
Note:  Click on titles or pictures above to see more information about each product group.
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