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Belting Tools

VIS USA offers many tools that make it easy to fabricate belting.  Where electrical power is required, the tools can be ordered with different Voltage specifications according to your needs.  Best of all, our tools are of highest quality and carry a TWO_YEAR_WARRANTY on all parts other than standard wear items like sanding paper, cutting knives, etc.

Please contact us for detailed information on any of our tools, or if you have a need for an equipment that is not readily available in the market place.  Perhaps we can help you.


All of our slitters are close tolerance rotary knife slitters and are capable of slitting nylon core type belting, as well as any kind of common conveyor belt product.

Small, open throat table top slitters for up to 8 in. (200mm) wide belts    
  RCM-400 Medium size, open throat table top slitter for up to 16 in. (400mm) wide belts  
  RS 75
  RS 100
  RS 120
  RS 160
  RS 240
Heavy duty slitters for belt widths up to 94 in. (2400mm)  


VIS USA offers a variety of skivers for different needs.  Some of the small drum skivers can be drill driven and represent an economically attractive choice.

 SA-50 Hand operated skiving disc for thin, narrow machine tapes     
 AM 80
 AM 160
Small drum skivers for machine tapes and light duty flat power transmission belts of up to 6 in. width
 GM-200-K Motorized heavy duty drum skiver for flat belts up to 8 in. (200mm) wide   

Medium duty belt sanders for most flat power transmission and conveyor belts; unlimited belt width     
 BS 650 Heavy duty belt sander for flat power transmission and conveyor belting; unlimited belt width  

Handheld Presses

These tools are used mostly for nylon core products.  Many of them are double plate heated for reaching a more uniform temperature profile within a short period of time.

 HP 80
Handheld presses for machine tapes and light duty flat power transmission belts up to 4 in. (100 mm) wide   
Standard, double plate heated presses for flat power transmission belts up to 15 3/4 in. (400 mm) wide   
Double plate heated and air/water cooled presses for belt widths up to 6 in. (160 mm)   
 SP 160
 SP 300
Heavy duty, cast iron spindle presses for nylon core flat power transmission belts     

Finger Punchers

Small, handheld finger cutting tools to larger, shop operation type finger punching tools, VIS USA offers them all.  The larger tools can be operated pneumatically or with an electric over hydraulic pump.

 FH-80 Kit Manual, inexpensive finger cutting tool set for quick preparation of conveyor belt ends     
High precision manual finger cutting tool for thermoplastic machine tapes  
Manual finger cutting tool with longer fingers for heavier, thermoplastic machine tapes or conveyor belts with very light loads and low initial tension   
Extremely mobile and economically attractive finger puncher series for up to 118 in. (3000mm) of belt width  
Heavier duty finger punching series with open throats for unlimited belt width      

Belt Splitter

Our belt splitter is highly accurate, runs silk smooth and can be transported to an installation site if necessary.

 BS-140 High accuracy, motorized belt splitter with splitting depth of 5 1/8 in. (130mm)    


Water Cooled Presses

Our water cooled presses are some of the lightest and smallest dimension tools on the market.  All presses can be ordered with built in temperature controls or either of two versions of external control boxes (manual or automated initiation of the water cooling and air purging process).

Low profile, dual air-bag and water cooled presses for thermoplastic type conveyor belting of up to 59 in. (1500mm) width    
Medium profile, dual air-bag and water cooled presses for belts up to 110 in. (2800mm) of width     
Very wide, yet light weight water cooled presses with a belt width capacity of up to 157 in. (4000mm)    
Unique design of water cooled presses with three, individually controlled heating zones for splicing belts at less than full capacity.       
 ECU-01 Manually operated external control box for the standard presses     
Fully automated control boxes with timers and unattended water cooling and air purging cycles for the standard and three zone heated presses  


There is a number of accessory products available for our tools, whether they are add-on's or wear items.

Small, self contained cooling tanks with built-in water pump and connections to the HP-KK presses  
Full size cooling tank with rollers, built-in water pump and connections to the HKP-presses       
 WECP-20 Special heating tool for quickly fixing fingers in preparation of a  finger splice; can also be used for belt repair    
 Parts Miscellaneous wear items and spare parts for all of our tools      



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