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What's New

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site, changes at our company and developments of new products and services.  If you've visited us before and want to know what has changed, take a look here first.



Company Logo:

If you are already familiar with VIS USA, the first thing you probably noticed on our home page was a different color in the logo.  Indeed, we will gradually change our stationary, business cards, etc. to the new color.  We feel that blue indicates better our identity as an American company.  We hope you like our new logo. 


Web Site:

This is the third phase of a comprehensive web site development for VIS_USA.  It contains some of the basic information about our Company,as well as most of our Products and Services that we offer.  Our next step is to complete the Fabrication Procedures section and continuing to build the Know-How Corner in the Belt Engineering section. 

Update:  Recently, we added a Belting Glossary within the Services/Application Engineering section.


Budget Buster

If you see the Budget Buster link on the Home page, VIS USA is running a special offer that can boost your bottom line!  These specials will only be advertised on this web site, and they might include reduced pricing on certain items, a free tool with the purchase of a specific belting product(s), special terms, etc.  These offers are good for a limited time, i.e. a few days, a couple of weeks, or as long as supply lasts. They will appear and disappear without prior notice and are only good for the time they are actually published on the web site.  We encourage you to check our web site frequently; the Budget Buster truly represents a  great opportunity for you to generate additional profits!



VIS USA has completed the development of a new series of Tangential Belts for the textile industry.  These belts are suitable for high speed spinning frames and will include belt types of different strength classes, rubber thickness and surface structures.  Contact us for more details.


New Equipment:

VIS USA has installed its fourth slitter, as well as additional water cooled presses to increase its capacity to process conveyor belts.



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